Malaysian Idol: 相信他没有造马

“你以为我真的有这样的本事,能“买通”1.2 million的sms吗?我又不是很有钱。”

Daniel李吉汉的真情告白,我信了。这是配合我的塔罗杂志 专栏,与大马偶像的用塔罗做出的真心专访。



一个默默无名的小帅,一个大马偶像,足以让一个人飞的起劲。越来越有自信的他,让我超爱他的“飞”。他的心情对话,随着塔罗也飞起来了!四月份的NEW ICON杂志,有他出现在我的塔罗专栏。不知你看了吗?

I am so impressed with his thought sharing during an interview recently for my magazine. So intense and yet so real, which I think I would never seen it on any local TV screen. If u think he can afford to buy a 1.2 million vote just to make what he is now, trust me, he is not that rich.I bet, its time for local production to have a talk show that can open up a journey of one’s bottom heart. Its gonna 2 b a fruitful sharing for our audience anyway… Let me be the host.

There r many stories to reach out in one’s world. Flying without wings is not that easy, flying with a title even tougher, especially after a crucial the-choice-is-in-your-hand reality show. “Malaysian Idol is just a pass by. Now is the beginning. There r still lots more to learn…” He said.

Why not find out the story for this magician (he is a magician according to tarot numerology) in the April issue of NEW ICON? Everything is in there. Oh yes, forgive me, its written in Mandarin. Hehe…

Tq Daniel. We have had a frank dialogue. All the best, Idol!


One Comment on “Malaysian Idol: 相信他没有造马”

  1. loo hui说道:

    well……..nobody know the truth….especially in entertainment line.truth have been cover due to many reason……sometime,time won’t prove anything too when truth been cover perfectly.


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