Rider Waite Tarot: Which To Choose?

If you are a beginner in learning the Tarot, look for Rider Waite Tarot Deck. This is the only universal standardized tarot card in the world. Also, the most classic meaning is finalised and originated from this deck. Strongly recommend for beginners I must say. Generally, there are 2 types of Rider Waite in the market: The orignal Rider Waite Tarot Deck and Universal Waite Tarot. The Original Rider-Waite Tarot differs from the Universal Waite Tarot, as it has less saturated colours and a brownish hue, titles as drawn by Pamela Colman-Smith, and a more decorative back pattern, a classic tarot masterpiece set, whereas the Universal Waite Tarot is quite a pretty version (and clone) of the Rider-Waite, with more appealing, softer artwork, done beautifully by Mary Hanson-Roberts. Traditional people with a little sense of new age should like this set.

I have 2 of these sets. Let me show you the difference:

Starting from left: Original Rider Waite Tarot and Universal Waite Tarot. Which do you like more?

If you are having difficulties in getting the Rider Waite Tarot for your own, or you have any questions, do not desitate to contact me. I am glad to answer and willing to do the shipping of your favourite Tarot deck right at your doorstep!



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