Ladies first, huh?







Ladies-first policy now has a new extension. In a latest shopping spot in Damansara Mutiara, female single driver has certainly deserved a privilege. To eligible yourself to park at the nearest parking row right in front of the most access entrance, all you need is: to be a female driver.

The result: The moment I took these pictures, I have seen those who took these parking lots are females, of course, but they are in groups, not single driver. After they park their vehicles, you can still see them walking in the most leisure manner, as usual, you can still hear their talkative and laughter from the desperate housewives. In the other hand, it is not surprising that some other drivers are still desperately looking for their parking.

I have been thinking of a solid reason for the above priority. I have asked my female friends why is this privilege. They said because female is the shopping king, they have more spending power, so they should be rewarded. But how come they never think of this seemingly beautiful excuse: their safety. You know when female walking alone, all the way just to look for their car. Dangerous you know?

See, I am no gender discrimination. I would like to take care of them. But just see how people abusing it. What comes in my mind is: why females, yes, females like to ‘Ladies first, please.’ when they fight for their bonuses, whereas come across issues which are not favour to them, they will say ‘You are tough man ok? You should help.’.

I thought female always want equal rights as male? Now you have it, but what’s next for you girls?

Catch these privileges in the ‘most gentlemen’ shopping spot in Malaysia – CineLeisure Damansara, KL.


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