Desperate hotels: WiFi goes wild

I wonder why the local hotels charge so high, a 1000 times higher than the market rate for internet access in room. Being a trainer who travels around, I am shocked to know how the local hotels charge for their internet service. Just imagine Hya– Hotel in Johor charge RM60 for daily use, Vis— Hotel in KL charge RM0.15 per minute use (i.e. RM216 per day), whereas our local TM company charges RM66 unlimited access per month (the min. rate package) with free modem. Really giler…

‘This is how the hotel makes profit! We can do nothing!’ is not the answer for their profit imperialism. Why we still provide them an excuse huh? Don’t you know we have been treated unfairly? Common, don’t tell me the hotel’s internet access is more advanced. We are all using services from TM provider. Regardless how luxury your hotel is, I don’t find any reason why they still want to earn profit in this internet free community. If your answer is simply profit, then think of how you reward your customers now.

Coffee bean and starbucks have free WiFi you know. Even the mamak stall now having free WiFi service, so what are your reason, desperate hotels? Are you abusing the TM service? It’s like you get cheap supply from someone and sell it for a thousand times higher to others!

Time to change now! Time to do something!