Desperate hotels: WiFi goes wild

I wonder why the local hotels charge so high, a 1000 times higher than the market rate for internet access in room. Being a trainer who travels around, I am shocked to know how the local hotels charge for their internet service. Just imagine Hya– Hotel in Johor charge RM60 for daily use, Vis— Hotel in KL charge RM0.15 per minute use (i.e. RM216 per day), whereas our local TM company charges RM66 unlimited access per month (the min. rate package) with free modem. Really giler…

‘This is how the hotel makes profit! We can do nothing!’ is not the answer for their profit imperialism. Why we still provide them an excuse huh? Don’t you know we have been treated unfairly? Common, don’t tell me the hotel’s internet access is more advanced. We are all using services from TM provider. Regardless how luxury your hotel is, I don’t find any reason why they still want to earn profit in this internet free community. If your answer is simply profit, then think of how you reward your customers now.

Coffee bean and starbucks have free WiFi you know. Even the mamak stall now having free WiFi service, so what are your reason, desperate hotels? Are you abusing the TM service? It’s like you get cheap supply from someone and sell it for a thousand times higher to others!

Time to change now! Time to do something!


2条评论 on “Desperate hotels: WiFi goes wild”

  1. hellstone说道:

    Hey, this is a very important observation and definitely one that is worth considering if any of the managerial possition personnel of any businesses in Malaysia that consider their job in certain institution is to MANAGE!

    First of all, there is of course the difference in price packaged for business/corporate usage of internet services as compared to home use. Then comes the differences in cost to setup and maintain the service.

    For example the cost to lay the wiring for the many rooms’ access point and wireless router coverage is way surpassing the simple and relatively cheaper layout of a house and etc.

    That said, does that mean the said hotel didn’t foresee this cost initially during business setup? Do they not have enough budget to subsume the cost instead of passing it to their customers?

    Or WORSE if they have decided or see this as an opportunity to earn. If so, what is their business about? – to accomodate? or to provide internet access service?

    Till date, there are a few similar situations or examples that is of such nature and it has became a sad NORM.

    The toilets that are still collecting money from the human urgencies. This natural urge is a MUST for human being to be staying long enough at a place after consuming food and liquid. Why should such preperty management system exist? Is not employing cleaners to clean up your building part of the maintainance cost that is already in place before you even erect the building and decide on how many toilet you should have?

    OR are we all addressing something more serious in the society of Malaysia than just making money out of frequency and pee? – imagine, if one does not charge for surfing the net, member of public will definitely feel free to open their laptops and start surfing at your hotel lobby; If you dont charge per entry toilet usage, member of public will storm in to just wash their face after a hot day under the sun, washing everything else other than their butt, hence increasing the cost of utility bills.

    Of course the above examples are of the extreme but it is definitely a possible situation given the street smart malaysian attitute in the society. BUT are we to blame the public? After all, if it is free, it should welcome everyone and anyone isn’t it?

    Probably the problem lies in many other more subliminal causes and factors that ultimately form a society. The education process is long and never ended in school, and often not only in school! We are talking about public responsibilities that needs years to build up for us to see a fractional change of social conditions. And this is just on the “user” or “consumers’s” end.

    To speed up the gracious process of such social changes, the “providers” of facilities and public bodies can do tremendous effects and wonders. It is time for “managers” to stop going through motions of norms of the past and really take things in hands (and eyes) to rethink a solution and directions that can help building a better and gracious society and in return a more pleasurable working bussiness module than just ~ “Charge the crap out of their credit cards and pockets! and see if they dare or not again to misuse our KINDNESS!”~

    Remember, what goes around comes around. Give a little of out time and effort to humanity in our lifetime. However small it could be, it will have a ripple effect of a better tomorrow for our generation to come.

    We do it because it actually does affect EVERYONE in the society as a whole! NOT for our climb to the higher level of social status just to look down again and say:

    “Haiyah! Nevermindlah! This doesn’t affect me anymore… ”

  2. hseoun说道:

    Hmmm… sounds true. But you are saying about human that doesn’t really appreciate thing which is FREE. Again, it doesn’t constitute a solid reason for them to charge unreasonable rate still!

    Time to change! 🙂


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