The Middle Finger in Transformer Movie

Has anyone watched the latest Transformer movie? Malaysia rated the movie ‘U’ – General viewing for all age. Singapore rated ‘PG’ – Parental guidance suggested. US rated ‘PG13’ – Parents strongly cautioned, may not suitable for children under 13. Regardless of what is the rating liked, what interests me is the middle finger in this movie.

The middle finger appears in the used car scene in which the lead actor and his dad were looking to buy a used car. The owner of the used car shop was greeted by his family member, who was sitting behind, with a middle finger. It was airbrush-censored in Malaysia, whereas Singapore, it was nothing to hide.

The creator of the middle finger must be very proud. I bet he wouldn’t have known this sign now brings a powerful impact to our culture (and movies), and even influence the way people communicate nowadays. See this:


Err… how about this?


See? The creator should deserve a prize or an award for his achievement, right?Actually what comes in my mind is that, since when this sign has gained a standard definition, and why do some countries censored it, whereas others just leave it for ‘parental guidance’? Does the ban help stop promoting the sign? Or does it really mean something?

This gesture is mostly used as a non-verbal communication of saying ‘f**k you’ globally, but its origin is quite speculative. For those who has the similar curiousity liked me, check here to know more. I learn a lot, really. Trust me; this is a good question with a good thought!


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