TnG vs Ez-link: Don’t be so lan-si!


This is Malaysia’s Touch ‘n Go card, a prepaid smart card used by our country popularly to pay for toll fees and other public transports. According to them, we are using the same electronic payment system of Transport for London. This card implementation can process up to 800 vehicles per hour to ease the queue congestion at toll plazas. As you know, we have the highest number of toll plazas in the world.


This is Singapore’s ez-link card, basically share the similar functions of TnG, but I am impressed that I can use this at McDonalds and 7-eleven, I can even get discounts for public transports for the prepaid card. I can reload this in any 7-eleven outlets and any MRT station, at no additional charge. Anyway, why do they charge you for reload, you would ask.

Because you see, Malaysia’s TnG is so Lan-si (Chinese way of saying sombong ler), reload in other agents will incur up to RM1 fee. No discount is given for using this system for public transport, instead you may have to pay the commission fee. You know when I go to One Utama shopping complex, I have to pay 10% more on top of my parking fee for using TnG. Furthermore, this card is not available for senior citizen, handicapped or children. What the …@#$%^&*! 

Fed up! Don’t tell me it still takes time. We are celebrating Malaysia’s 50 year old next month. How much time you need for the welfare of our nation? Is it too hard and too much for something which is good? Think!



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