Change! – Training Report on Successful Working Attitude

Change! – Training on Successful Working Attitude
Indadi Utama Sdn. Bhd. | 18th August, 2007 | 8am – 4pm | 50 pax

1. To encourage positive working attitude between staffs and sales team.
2. Lead and inspire the organisation people through change management.

indadi3b.jpgIt’s a great honour for me to get invited to conduct an employee empowerment program on 18th Aug for Indadi Utama, a company based in Indonesia which is locally re-known for manufacturing and distributing sweets and beverage drinks.

I had a talk with the CEO, Mr. Frankie and gosh, that was the only time I knew they wanted to start the program after 2 days, which was also the only day their staffs gathered for a national quarterly meeting!

Yes, 2 days, I afraid this was not sufficient to workout a training syllabus especially in cater to one’s organisation need, moreover, I insisted that a training diagnosis must be done beforehand. I must say this was indeed a very rush project which I am sure, any trainers will unlikely to take up the challenge. However, without any hesitation, I took the challenge.

indadi7.jpgForgive me, I am not the trainer who is keen to apply the same syllabus to any company. I believe every challenge lies an opportunity, this is also the main reason why I engaged this training despite time constraint.

The program started with an ice breaking session for the fellow participants who came from other indadi utama branches in the country. The ice-breaking session actually come with a moral value behind, in which the participants were to be identified what types of people they belong to in an organisation. The morning session were talking about Mark Twain’s 3 categories people in organisation: people who make things happened, people who watch things happened and those who are left to ask what did happen. It was fun with interactive dialogue and games in which they also learnt and realise the ability to foreseen oppurtunities against problems, as well as the power of change by taking action NOW!

indadi8.jpgThe afternoon session, which I catered to be more active and energetic, were also fun-filled with non-stop team performing games. Knowing that the afternoon learning environment will tend to normally make participants more tire and sleepy, especially after lunch, the program was therefore being designed to be more ‘mobile’ in which the participants were not only sit and listen. Some activtity projects even require them to ‘move around’ with their seating chair, switched partners for different role-playing games, team-up for group discussion etc.

indadi2a.jpgFirst, they were required to workout a advertising and promotion campaign for their company’s newly-launched products. With application to the reality TV show concept, every group will have to present their ideas to the panel judge who consisted of CEO and departmental managers. Every group will be questioned by the judges based on strategy creativity, promotional efforts and budget wise. Those came unprepared and appear ‘non-strategic’ will get eliminated.

Second, the groups again competed with each other in a sales persuasion games, whereby each groups were assigned to sell a product which was defeated, and even tear and worn. They must stand out from the problems, enforcing positive creativity and hard-selling their products out of impossibilities.

indadi1a.jpgOverall, I am impressed with the multi-racial participants which were able to work in team well out of my expectation. Indadi Utama has demonstrated a good example in which, a high-standard of tolerance and acceptance among teams were managed to be created, despite different ethnic group, race, religion and education background of the fellow participants.

Thank you Indadi Utama for giving me another good testimonial of an effective training!



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