Guest Appearance on NTV7’s Talk Show – Venus

Again, I am so glad to be invited to a NTV7’s live talk show – ‘Venus’ with Aishah Sinclair, who is also the host of the local most famous dance reality show – So you think you can dance.

Venus is ntv7’s latest womens’ talk show programme that aims to empower an affluent generation of Malaysian women who have high expectations for their lives.  The program offers solutions, informs and entertains the modern working mother and also the go-getter single career woman.  It is also a platform for Malaysian women to voice out opinions, share ideas and experiences.

Today’s topic is about what it takes to become a successful individual who is constantly motivated. The episode aims to inspire the viewers on achieving dreams and setting goals for oneself.

Here’s the pictorial highlights today:

This is the first time I actually saw my name on the TV screen with the title on it.

Human are born to be success. If you are upset, what’s the big deal? You are only yet to success, not you can’t success!

Aishah is doing a round up conclusion of my points and I must say she has done a really really good job for the audience!

If you miss it, you may catch the show again here at NTV7 website.

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  3. Patrick说道:

    Typo: It’s “Guest Appearance.”

  4. hseoun说道:

    Thank you. Error rectified!


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