Tarot Therapist in NTV7’s CORNETTO LOVE? PERHAPS

Got a chance to be the Tarot guest in NTV7’s local reality show – CORNETTO LOVE? PERHAPS recently. Catch the actual shows here! (Just in case the link can not be accessed, you may register yourselves at http://www.ntv7.com.my > catch-up tv > Cornetto Love? Perhaps > Episode 3 > Part 4)


The above shows the use of the Tarot as a tool of visual therapy with the application of psycho-analysis, in which the contestants were given an opportunity to conduct a Tarot reading to forecast their outcome of the up-coming episodes, as well as their coming challenges, based on the object chosen (In this case, as per the sponsor request, the objects used are the ice cream flavours). In other words, by choosing the object based on your intuition, we will able to interpret what is your thought of certain event (your sub-conscious mind thinking) of your current situation.


The contestants were then having another session of what we called ‘Tarot Personality Code’ based on their birth date analysis. Whereby in this session, Tarot numerology is applied to give them an overall explanation of their talent and strength, as well as their weakness based on their birth date, as for them to cope up with their coming challenge by understand and improve their inner and outer strength.

Overall, they are so impressed and so amazed with the accuracy of the reading of their existing situation. Thanks to Iris and Shirley, the main anchors of the production team for your invitation to the show!

> Moretivator’s Quote
Divination isn’t about forecasting the future; but about understanding our present situation in a way that will prepare us for any challenge we may face at creating the future we want for ourselves. ~ Enrique Enriquez


Rider Waite Tarot: Which To Choose?

If you are a beginner in learning the Tarot, look for Rider Waite Tarot Deck. This is the only universal standardized tarot card in the world. Also, the most classic meaning is finalised and originated from this deck. Strongly recommend for beginners I must say. Generally, there are 2 types of Rider Waite in the market: The orignal Rider Waite Tarot Deck and Universal Waite Tarot. The Original Rider-Waite Tarot differs from the Universal Waite Tarot, as it has less saturated colours and a brownish hue, titles as drawn by Pamela Colman-Smith, and a more decorative back pattern, a classic tarot masterpiece set, whereas the Universal Waite Tarot is quite a pretty version (and clone) of the Rider-Waite, with more appealing, softer artwork, done beautifully by Mary Hanson-Roberts. Traditional people with a little sense of new age should like this set.

I have 2 of these sets. Let me show you the difference:

Starting from left: Original Rider Waite Tarot and Universal Waite Tarot. Which do you like more?

If you are having difficulties in getting the Rider Waite Tarot for your own, or you have any questions, do not desitate to contact me. I am glad to answer and willing to do the shipping of your favourite Tarot deck right at your doorstep!

Malaysian Idol: 相信他没有造马

“你以为我真的有这样的本事,能“买通”1.2 million的sms吗?我又不是很有钱。”

Daniel李吉汉的真情告白,我信了。这是配合我的塔罗杂志 专栏,与大马偶像的用塔罗做出的真心专访。



一个默默无名的小帅,一个大马偶像,足以让一个人飞的起劲。越来越有自信的他,让我超爱他的“飞”。他的心情对话,随着塔罗也飞起来了!四月份的NEW ICON杂志,有他出现在我的塔罗专栏。不知你看了吗?

I am so impressed with his thought sharing during an interview recently for my magazine. So intense and yet so real, which I think I would never seen it on any local TV screen. If u think he can afford to buy a 1.2 million vote just to make what he is now, trust me, he is not that rich.I bet, its time for local production to have a talk show that can open up a journey of one’s bottom heart. Its gonna 2 b a fruitful sharing for our audience anyway… Let me be the host.

There r many stories to reach out in one’s world. Flying without wings is not that easy, flying with a title even tougher, especially after a crucial the-choice-is-in-your-hand reality show. “Malaysian Idol is just a pass by. Now is the beginning. There r still lots more to learn…” He said.

Why not find out the story for this magician (he is a magician according to tarot numerology) in the April issue of NEW ICON? Everything is in there. Oh yes, forgive me, its written in Mandarin. Hehe…

Tq Daniel. We have had a frank dialogue. All the best, Idol!